This weekend: Benefit for Chris Blochinger of Potcheen Folk Band

As you can see from the other benefit-related item we posted just a bit ago, musicians with benefits are, unfortunately, a rare commodity. Unlike most folks who have at least some level of coverage and can thus seek medical attention when required, without having to mortgage their house and part with everything they own, when something catastrophic happens to a musician -- and it typically has to rise to the realm of truly catastrophic for them to even consider seeking out treatment -- generally they're waylaid by the financial burdens they subsequently incur. It's a sad reality and a harrowing prospect. Fortunately, though, it's not a hopeless one. The great thing about this town, particularly being a part the music scene here, is that you can count on the community to rally around their own. Witness the two benefits taking place this weekend, that will undoubtedly be well attended, the Hand That Bleeds benefit for Steve Patt, and this two day event dedicated to helping out another timekeeper and highly visible member of the scene, Potcheen Folk Band's Christian Blochinger, who was involved in a serious bus accident a few months ago that likewise rendered him unable to work and resulted in his band's bus being totalled. Within hours of hearing about the accident, numerous fellow musicians stepped up and offered to pitch in. With that in mind, more than a dozen acts have signed on to perform over the course of two days at the Toad Tavern. Click on the flier on the left for line-up and full details.

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