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Thomas Fehlmann at the Fox Theatre

The resumé of Thomas Fehlmann is truly awesome. It stretches all the way back to the late '70s, when he began experimenting with synthesizers in the company of people such as Robert Fripp and fellow Palais Schaumburg member Holger Hiller. Later, Fehlmann worked with seminal techno artists Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes, Juan Atkins and Blake Baxter, and founded the German label Teutonic Beats. He's been a longtime collaborator of Alex Paterson with the Orb, and under his own name has released everything from the club-friendly Visions of Blah to deeper, more ambient works such as Lowflow. Through it all, he's performed live and as a DJ across the globe, offering his unique take on techno and dub to audiences in every part of the world. On Saturday, April 18, he performs at the Fox Theatre as part of the Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts, along with several other top-notch talents. For more info and a full festival lineup, visit

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