Ticketfly buys Gigbot

Online ticketing company Ticketfly acquired show-listing/social media site Gigbot last week to better help it compete with ticketing juggernaut Ticketmaster. Terms of the deal were not announced, but as part of the deal, Gigbot founder (and main dude behind the tech that runs it) Sean Porter is joining Ticketfly as VP of Product. And as you can see by the logo there, snatched from Gigbot's site just moments ago, they've wasted no time in branding Gigbot as part of Ticketfly.

What does this mean for Gigbot users and music fans? Well, if Ticketfly is successful in challenging Ticketmaster, it could lead to lower ticket prices and fees. Considering the lack of success other potential competitors have had in this endeavor, it's not likely, but we can hope.

The plan is to integrate "best of Gigbot's technology" into Ticketfly, which sort of sounds like they might be gutting Gigbot eventually and using its pieces to build a better, faster, stronger Ticketfly. Worst case scenario is something like the Apple/Lala scenario, where they shut it down with vague promises of integrating the functionality "sometime" int he future. With luck, having Gigbot mainman Porter on board will ensure that the Gigbot experience, which is pretty nifty, doesn't get watered down or mangled into something unrecognizable.

In case you really enjoy corporate PR speak and bullet-pointed feature lists, you can read the entire news release here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.