Tim Tebow is an awesomely bad singer

Have you heard Tim Tebow's eleven second rendition of "Awesome God," the song originally penned by the late Rich Mullins and made ubiquitous in evangelical circles by Hillsong United? It's awesomely bad. It took a minute, but it seems we finally found the mythical QB's glaring flaw.

Until he embarked on this unbelievable winning streak he's currently riding, the jury's been split on Tebow. He's been blasted and praised by critics and fans in almost equal measure. Folks have finally started to come around. Tebow's gridiron grit has won them over. His prowess with the pigskin aside, though, there's one thing we doubt even the Tebow homers will ever say: That he's a good singer. Dude can't carry a tune in a bucket, as they say.

If you haven't caught it yet, the NFL network had Tebow miked up during last Sunday's game for a Sound FX segment. During pregame warm-ups, the mikes captured Timmy singing "Awesome God" as he was throwing passes. Whoo boy. Page down to give a listen.

Tim Tebow singing "Awesome God"

Hillsong United singing "Awesome God":

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