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Time hits the road in support of Naked Dinner, his new solo album.

Calm has been quietly putting in major work between touring overseas and recording its latest album, Anti-Smiles. One-half of the group, Time, released his solo album, Naked Dinner, last month and is on the road again in Texas and Arizona pushing that effort. One of the songs off the record, "Paraghnoid," features C-Rayz Walz of Def Jux Records and Dirty Laboratory cohort Damon Jevon.

"C-Rayz was living down here for a while," Time says of the collaboration. "AwareNess [the other half of Calm] is friends with a girl that knows C-Rayz in Philly, so we ran into him and starting talking about that. After that, he said send him a couple beats and he threw a verse on the topic of paranoia, which is what the new album Naked Dinner is all about."

Listen to "Paraghnoid" after the jump and then pick up Naked Dinner at Twist & Shout, iTunes and

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Quibian Salazar-Moreno