Tip Sheet: Introducing The Foot. These guys, ahem, kick ass -- even if their name doesn't.

Splendid day for new music in the Backbeat cave. Just splendid. We just had a chance to listen the brand new album from the Foot. Whoo boy, is it dandy. Daddy like! Not as big a fan of the band's moniker, though. Seriously. Not to be a hater, but c'mon! Really? The Foot? That's the best they could come up with?

Fortunately, the dudes put much more time, thought and effort into their music, which is clear even just hearing the first few songs. Primary Colors, the bands latest effort, available for free download for the next few weeks, is utterly delightful.

These three University of Denver grads clearly have some chops, which is immediately evident from first listen to the tasty guitar work and intermittent drum fills on the album. And that's to say nothing of vocals, melodies which are quite tuneful, bolstered by harmonies that are just this side of swell. The trio's taut sound is firmly rooted in pop, with glints of prog and jazz.

Take a listen after the jump, and catch The Foot tonight at the Gothic with Kinetix for DU's annual mustache bash.

<a href="http://findthefoot.bandcamp.com/album/primary-colors-2">Play by The Foot.</a>

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