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Tipper at the Gothic Theatre

Well known for his intensely idiosyncratic approach to music, top-notch sound design and prolific output, the enigmatic Tipper has made waves throughout his career. Early on, he carved out a place as a breakbeat tastemaker by producing huge, body-shaking slabs of God's own breaks layered with gut-wrenching sub-bass frequencies, shifty percussion and alien synth tones. These days, his sound has evolved to an ever-more-abstract point, shifting the focus from the beats themselves to the intricate interplay of oddball sounds and glitchy rhythms. His last two albums, Wobble Factor and Tertiary Noise, are dense, rewarding discs full of surprises, new ideas and absolutely bizarre sounds. It's easy to label it IDM, but there's no doubt that his take on the style is just as individual and unusual as his interpretations of breakbeat science. Call Tipper's music whatever you like; just make sure you don't miss it when he brings it to the Gothic Theatre this Saturday, May 16.

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