Titwrench benefit flier bleeds enough heart to win ours

Not very often are we won over by a flier that lacks the essential flier things like typography, solid design and a good color choice -- but every once and a while one slips through that's filled with so much damn heart and soul it's impossible not to love. That's the case with our choice this week.

On first glance, the poster for "On Being a Woman: Titwrench Benefit 2011" is a kind of mess, but when you see one in real life, with the vibrant colors and the painstaking brush-stoke text, it's impossible for it not to catch your eye. Especially when you consider the exceptionally strange imagery of misshapen woman transforming into other misshapen women.

There's a lot to take in too, from the location to the bazillion artists to the musicians playing -- it's going to be a jam-packed event filled with plenty to do, which kind of explains the business of the text here. The benefit itself is for the now annualized Titwrench fest in July, with all proceeds going to help book bands, venues and all that good stuff.

In the end, this sucker does what a good flier does best: captures your attention, forces you to read and take-in all the information, then leaves an impression on you that'll stick around for a while, and it does it all without fancy digitized hoo-ha. Well played.

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