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To Be Eaten

A good fight on film is a beautiful thing. It takes a precise cinematic scope with slow-motion camera sweeps and perfect corn syrup blood to really give that jab to the jaw just the right crunch. But, like real estate, it's also all about location. Where would Tyler Durden be without his underground club? In that same underdog spirit, To Be Eaten is taking punks off the street and bringing them into Black Iron Gym (160 South Broadway) for a show that's sure to be a knockout, as the metal threesome of vox grinder/guitarist Ben Pitts, double-pedal drummer Brian Miller and boombastic bassist Eric Fuller will be playing inside an actual boxing ring. Local heavyweights Motheater, Green Fuse and Elucidarius will also be on the card this Saturday, January 27. There's no telling how long this venue will last, so check it out before the whole operation goes lights out.
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Tuyet Nguyen