Tollund Men releases "Goodbye Horses" video

Tollund Men is no longer just a bunch of poor saps buried in a Danish peat bog from the time before the Roman Republic transitioned to Empire. In Denver, it's the solo project of Neal Samples, with some help from genius musical chameleon Daniel Bouse when the project plays live. Samples has recorded and released a number of his bedroom/studio projects over the past year or so, including TekTone and Micro Penis. But he performed his own music for the first time this past June, along with the music he wrote for Tollund Men, in a debut show so promising you felt lucky to be there.

Most likely recorded using analog, or part analog and part lo-fi digital, Tollund Men's songs, even live, have a kind of gritty feel to them, like watching an old silent movie about the future. Clearly inspired by the raw charms of early experimental synth-pop like Cabaret Voltaire's releases in the first half of the '80s, the debut Tollund Men release, Demo 1, was a revelation of bringing together high concept and minimal tools to the execution in order to make the imagination work -- from both performer and listener.

Hidden on Demo 1 was a version of "Goodbye Horses," by Q Lazzarus. Samples has now made a video for his version of the song. The clip is a sort of reenactment of the famous, unforgettable, scene from the film The Silence of the Lambs in which Buffalo Bill is putting on makeup and dancing in front of a mirror. Sparing us the tucked penis, with detail down to a copy of the weird "thorn" or "claw" tattoo we got to see on Buffalo Bill's body, Samples commits to one of the most amusingly disturbing music videos produced by a local band yet.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.