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Tomorrow is Record Store Day -- What are you doing?

If the scent of fresh vinyl in the morning turns you on, then chances are you're already aware that tomorrow is Record Store Day. for the rest of you, consider this a public service announcement. Starting at various times across the state on Saturday, April 17th, independent record shops are opening their doors in celebration of good music, local culture and fun times.

In addition to events and live performances, there is also a ton of exclusive content from hundreds of various bands that will be available at many of the shops as well as free giveaways and contests. The whole list of exclusives is available here. If you're not certain what you should be doing, we've created a handy list of all of Denver's events and deals so you can get your wallets and wish lists ready.

Albums on the Hill (1128 13th St., Boulder) There will be an acoustic set from Ego vs. Id.

Black & Read (7821 Wadsworth) Black & Read will be featuring DJ Nolan and surprise local hip-hop guests throughout the day as well as discounts on select products.

Cheapo Discs (2162 S. Colorado) No live music is planned at Cheapo Discs, but discounts on many products are, including 20% off all vinyl.

Independent Record and Video (937 E. Colfax) Bands starting at 11:00 am: Lelah Simon, Politic, The Epilogues, Synthetic Elements, DB and the Catastrophe, Heart and Soul Radio, Serena Ryder, Maybe, North! To Nowhere, Repercussions, Verbal and D.C.B. Special discounts.

LP's Vinyl House (6235 E. 14th) Live show in the parking lot from Babah Fly, Good Grime Sound System the Call Me Home Band. Discounts on vinyl to boot.

Twist & Shout Records (2508 E. Colfax) DJ Set by Ninja Tune artist, Bonobo.

Wax Trax (638 E. 14th) Free live performances starting at 2:00 pm: Accordion Crimes, Speedwolf, Ideal Fathers, TaunTaun.

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Thorin Klosowski
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