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Tomorrow: Mago-gogo fest brings neo-kabuki, fire-breathing robots and music together

"Me and my roommates were reading way too many Lone Wolf and Cub graphic novels," says Odam Fei Mud's Daniel Crosier about the formation of his neo-kabuki performance group, "and watching way too many Akira Kurosawa films."

But that's just the inspiration behind Odam Fei Mud, slated to appear at this Saturday's Mago-Gogo fest, which also features eleven local bands including the Construct, Little Fyodor & Babushka, Ground Above Zero, Wiretrap and Rubedo. Don't miss the presentation, which includes GWAR-inspired latex monster costumes, fight choreography, projectile fake blood and a percussion-heavy band with guys banging out tribal rhythms on oil drums.

And while Odam Fei has a concept, there's no actual dialogue and very little explanation of what it is. "It keeps it pretty open-ended to the audience and the viewer as to what they're seeing," notes Crosier. "They come to their own conclusions."

Before starting the group, Crosier was part of the machine/robot performance-based experiment known as the Motoman Project, who's also set to perform at this all-ages benefit for Bands for Lands, which kicks off tomorrow at 3 p.m. (Saturday, September 4) at the Wazee Union, 3501 Wazee Street. The complex is 23,000 square feet inside and 21,000 square feet outside, which should be plenty of room for the fire-breathing robots of the Motoman Project to do their thing.

Cover for the event is $10 (or $5 with a flier that can be downloaded at

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