Tonight: Andy Tanner, Meadowlark jam and Andy Smith at Rockbar

So what are you doing tonight? What? Watching TV and then going to bed? Lame. Yes, we know it's Tuesday, but there's some pretty cool stuff going on tonight. First Andy Tanner of Laymen's Terms is playing a show tonight at the Larimer Lounge that will serve as his solo tour kickoff. Down the block at the Meadowlark, meanwhile, drummer David Kurtz (pictured left), who started the open jams at the Meadowlark nearly two years ago, is stepping down as the host of that space's weekly jam on the hundredth night of overseeing things. What started out as a jazz jam morphed into experimental sessions with the occasional singer-songwriter showing up. Before Joe Grobelny and Calvin Locklear take the reigns of the Tuesday-night open mike, Kurtz has rounded up a bunch of musicians for one last hurrah tonight starting at 10 p.m. Finally -- and this is probably biggest reason for staying up late -- over at Rockbar, Andy Smith from Portishead is guest-deejaying at Mile High Soul Club, Tyler Jacobson's new night. C'mon. Call in late tomorrow. You know you wanna.

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