Tonight: Boldtype album release at the Marquis

In a music world of blog-hyped bands, Internet sensationalism and an over-commitment to the next big thing, Boldtype flourishes through the idea that there will always be a need for fast, raw and rowdy three-chord rock. Touring with Guttermouth and surviving over a decade together, the local act -- due this evening at the Marquis Theater with King Rat, White Leather and Anchor Point -- proves that not only is punk not dead, it's a fully realized and necessary ethos.

We spoke with Boldtype earlier this week about staying together, and the overwhelming theme was simple: Make the music you want to make, and don't forget where you came from. Tonight's all-local lineup is all-ages, and tickets are $8. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., bands start at 8:30.


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