Tonight: Experience the power of words

Spoke in Wordz is putting on a show for the books tonight at Casselman's. The release party for his compilation CD, Power of Wordz is slated to feature performances from several movers and shakers in the hip-hop scene here in Denver. Already fashioned as an album that will bridge the gap between artists who have never worked together before, each performance will feature the song recorded with Spoke, and the audience will get a live take on the appeal of these collaborations with 20:12, Fresh Breath Committee, Mane Rok, FOE, Hypnautic and King Tef and Thomas the Franchise, among others.

One Eyed Kings, Diamond Boiz and the dance crew, Fatal Attraction, will be kicking things off, and DJ Tense will be backing the entire consortium on the cuts for the evening. The first 300 folks who show up to party rock will receive a free copy of Power of Wordz. The emcee is calling this event "the complete Colorado experience." If you're of legal drinking age, and you've got $7, you, too, can experience the power of words tonight at Casselman's.

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