Tonight: Local hip-hop producers slated to clash at Colorado Beat Box in Aurora

Looks like we have another producer battle on our hands. Colorado Beat Box is going down tonight at the Spillway (3740 East Quincy Avenue) in Aurora. According to Yak of PMG Solutions, the company presenting the battle, the competition is designed to show the skills and production chops of the best beatmakers in Denver. Each producer was asked to register to be in the contest and is tasked with bringing their most original battle-ready beats. The winner takes home $250 in cash.

Among the many who who have entered, a few familiar names jump out immediately, including Davey Boy, who won the producer battle at the CO Hip-hop Unity Series and was featured in our producers' profile last year; Graffiti Black, who was also featured; TC Crook, who moonlights as a rapper these days; and the turf boss himself, DJ Ktone.

LKeys, Killen Em Ent and Mr. Midas, who is hosting the event, are slated to perform. Tickets are $5, and the battle is open to ages 21+ up. Eargasms are free.

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