JoJo and her doctor look at her vocal cords.EXPAND
JoJo and her doctor look at her vocal cords.

Too Sick to Sing in Denver, JoJo Terrorizes Kind Fans With Gross Medical Video

Pop singer JoJo fell ill, so she's canceled her March 1 show at the Gothic Theatre. Refunds are available wherever tickets were purchased.

It's no secret that fans can be merciless, and JoJo did the smart — and nasty — thing and warded off their criticisms by taking people, via video, into her doctor's office, where her physician examined her vocal cords. The effect is utterly disgusting, but for most naysaying fans who assume she's just playing hooky, the Tweet serves as a legit doctor's note.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the Kings of Leon's rabid fan base, which was infuriated when that group rescheduled a Denver show. JoJo's fans are much kinder.

On Facebook, Amanda wrote:

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I was really looking forward to seeing you at the Denver show on Wednesday, but I want nothing but the best for you and even if I have to wait a little while longer to see you, that's okay so long as you get better! We love you! I will not be getting a refund because it doesn't matter how long I have to wait to see you, I will wait as long as it takes. I'll see you when you get better.

Ollie wrote:

Never thought I'd just randomly see the inside of JoJo's throat

And while we wish we never had, either, we're glad JoJo's fans have her back and hope for her speedy recovery.

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