Top 10 cheap New Year's Eve parties for 2010: Less than $20

Most places take the opportunity of New Year's Eve to double or quadruple their cover. Not the folks on this list, where we've picked the best things to do this New Year's Eve for $20 and under. In a few cases, you get the same treatment you'll get at a more expensive party, so don't get screwed over.

Not that you can't spend more and still get bang for your buck. - Top 10 Denver New Year's Eve parties between $20 and $75 - Top 10 New Year's Eve Parties for 2010, more than $75 - See full New Year's Eve guide in our Calendar section

Lipgloss It's Denver's best party pretty much every Friday night - why should New Year's be any different? They're keeping all their usual drink specials, plus there will be a champagne toast at midnight, a guest DJ set from Zetakaye House and autographed poster giveaways. $10-$12. More info here.

Aphrodisiac 2011 at Hamburger Mary's What do you do once the ball's dropped and you're still wired from all that four loko you stock-piled? You go to Hamburger Mary's, where shit will be both weird and just getting started. DJs, GoGo dancers, a stripper pole and complimentary shots. $15. More info here.

Lust Eleven New Year's Eve at Sugar House You'll need a special someone to get the value here, but if you go together, you get a champagne toast, an adult goodie bag from Romantix and a celebration buffet at 1:00am. Stay as long as you want - they'll be going until 5:00 in the morning. $40 per couple. More info here.

New Year's Eve at Moe's Original Bar-B-Que There's delicious food, there's bowling, there's music, champagne, revelry. What more do you look for out of these things? $8-$10. More info here.

Boyztown New Year's Eve Bash There's no cover at one of Denver's best gay bars. What there will be is three balloon drops, prizes and a champagne toast, in addition to the usual eye-candy. Free. More info here.

Mercury Café There are lots of ways to incorporate Mercury Café into your New Year's plans. There's erotic poetry and belly dancing and swing dancing and live music and food. You can go to some or all of their offerings, and if you've ever wished aloud for world peace or legalized recreational marijuana, there's no better place to party. $0-$20. More info here.

SixtySixDays at Scruffy Murphy's People can charge a lot for cover on New Year's Eve. Or they can charge nothing and still have a complimentary champagne toast and giveaways. That's exactly what Scruffy Murphy's is doing, which makes it what we think is the best budget option in LoDo. Free. More info here.

Downtown Fireworks The city of Denver has two shows on New Year's Eve: One at 9:00 p.m. and another at midnight. Yes, it's obvious, yes, it's the kind of thing your parents might drag you to. It's also awesome, and there's something decidedly un-government about shooting explosives into the air right in heart off all those buildings and hoards of drunk people. Free. More info here.

Tryst Lounge Nothing fancy here, just a super cheap cover with all the atmosphere of some of the more expensive options. Presale tickets are selling pretty well, so there should be a good crowd. $5. More info here

Noon Year's Eve It's midnight somewhere, and the kids get cranky by 9:00 p.m. So take them to the Children's Museum of Denver, where the usual admission price gets you a ball drop every hour from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Get there at the right time and you can even do some StoryTime with Lars the Polar Bear. $6-$8 More info here.

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