Top five best music action figures

NECA is gearing up to release a topless, Skeletor-esque Iggy Pop action figure onto unsuspecting fans this coming June, a fact that might seem a bit odd for those who aren't familiar with rock stars' long and illustrious history with action figure manufactures. Over time we've seen plenty of our rock heroes turned into plastic, from Kurt Cobain to Jimi Hendrix. Below you'll find five of our favorites. 5. Johnny Cash Generally speaking, miniaturized, realistic versions of people kind of creep us out, but in the case of this almost too realistic Johnny Cash figure, we'll make an exception. What's notable about this one is that it's "kinda-old-Cash," wrinkles are starting to form, but his hair is nice and pompy. It's an iconic image transformed into a kick-ass 3D format, perfect for the desks of Cash fans around the globe. 4. Peter Criss There have been hundreds of different iterations on the Kiss action figure over the years, but one of our favorites has to be this completely ridiculous Peter Criss figure that comes with an animal wrangler and a black leopard. If you have a bit of imagination, you can actually just assume the Animal Wrangler is Freddie Mercury, which considering he's holding a whip, makes it all the more real. 3. Michael Jackson Brought to us by the hacks over at LJN, notorious for their shoddy and often-times creepy products, this Michael Jackson figure holds a special place in our hearts for one reason: We owned it. The glittering magic glove, the authentic stage outfit, everything. This was in the hey-day of Jackson-memorabilia, when his name was attached to thousands of children's products, from clothes to record players. Sure, this one is a bit more of a doll than an action figure, but considering he's fully "poseable," we'll let it slide. 2. Notorious B.I.G. This one isn't realistic at all, but we mostly just like the idea that a Notorious B.I.G. toy even exists. It's cartoonish, but the image conjured up when you think of the man will forever be similar to this, now that you've seen it. It's iconic in its own right, but the design and craft is clearly inspired by a real Biggie fan. 1. Ringo This whole Beatles set is actually pretty stellar, but only one of them comes with an actual yellow submarine, and that's Ringo. The psychedelic cartoonized version of the band is probably one of the most iconic in history (except perhaps the Gorillaz), so it's nice to see the action figures were created with a sense of pride.

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