Top Five reuses of Teddy Pendergrass Songs

It was sad news when we found out Teddy Pendergrass had died on Wednesday of colon cancer. As others began collecting the best of his songs into comprehensive and downright exhaustive lists, we started thinking about who had used his sultry baritone or music for other ends. His songs have been sampled and reused by many but here are some of our favorites. Samples can be hard to catch, did we miss any of your favorites?

5. Mobb Deep - "Cradle to the Grave" (samples "And If I Had")

Mobb Deep only utilizes a short hook, but it's not hard to spot "And If I Had" mixed in there. It's not necessarily the most mind-blowing reimagining or sampling, but it's still appealing, nonetheless.

4. Eddie Murphy - "Singers" (talks about Pendergrass in reference to "Only You")

Okay, this is stretching it a little bit, but no one is going to deny Eddie Murphy from totaling nailing the Pendergrass impersonation at about 3:05 in the above clip. It might not be "music" in the traditional sense, but it's certainly a bit.

3. Do or Die - "Higher" (samples "You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration")

Say watch you want about Do or Die or Kanye for that matter, but few samples are as integrated (or exploited, depending on your point of view) than "Higher." Hell, they left the rhythm, melody and chorus to Pendergrass, because the original is just that good.

2. DJ Green Lantern and Dead Prez - "Summer Time" (samples "Come Go With Me")

There is no denying where this loop came from -- in fact the hook is continued throughout the entire song. Luckily "Come Go With Me" is a fantastic piece of source material to pull from, and Dead Prez and DJ Green Lantern handle it admirably enough.

1. Ghostface Killah - "Camay" (samples "Can't We Try")

Ghostface Killah is well known for his ability to integrate a lot of different styles into one song, and "Camay" isn't any different. Toss in Raekwon and Cappadona with Pendergrass' chorus from "Can't We Try," and it's an excellent reuse of the source material.

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