Concert Reviews

Trampled by Turtles at the Ogden, 1/10/13


Eerie sounds were coming out of the fiddle, the base of which Ryan Young had lodged into his chest. With his elbow bobbing up and down furiously with the movement of the bow, he summoned tones from those four strings that sounded as if they were from a different instrument entirely, high-pitched whines and drones that unrolled at a dizzying pace. Young made his fiddle sing in a way that felt both innovative and ancient, and his masterful fiddle playing was only one highlight of many during Trampled By Turtles's excellent set last night at the Ogden Theatre. During a nearly two-hour show, the band easily flipped between old and new and seamlessly mixed traditional bluegrass cues with sounds and structures that felt groundbreaking.

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A.H. Goldstein