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Transistor Radio Sound

"If you don't like the 'scene,'" proclaims Nick Houde of Transistor Radio Sound, "then create something you do like. It's really that easy!" And he means it. Transistor Radio Sound is a collective that revolves around Houde and Kara Jorge, and to them, "do it yourself" is more than a catchphrase. They record their own music, book their own all-ages tours and release handmade CDs on their own Still Soft imprint. And while many local bands follow the DIY path, Houde isn't paying it lip service until the bigtime hits. To him, being truly independent is the bigtime. And it shows in his music: Synching up tremulous acoustic pop with cheap keyboard beats and riffs, the group is on the same wavelength as national acts like the Microphones and Y.A.C.H.T. Transistor Radio Sound brings its homemade sound to the Climax Lounge on Friday, February 26, along with friends Hunter Dragon and Beth and Tyler's Band. Bucking hipster trends and the corporate indie infrastructure may not be quite as easy as Houde makes it out to be. But when the result is as full of heart, fun and substance as Transistor Radio Sound, it's well worth the fight.
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