Trent Reznor reveals his post-NIN project

Trent Reznor has revealed How to Destroy Angels, his first post-Nine Inch Nails project. It's a collaboration with his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, formerly the frontwoman of West Indian Girl and it was mixed by Alan Moulder, a name familiar to industrial fans. So what does it sound like?

In a shocking development, it sounds exactly like one of the later, dirgey Nine Inch Nails tracks, only with a female singer. Which, depending on your feelings about NIN, could be either a very good thing or a very bad thing or even just a very "meh" thing. It's honestly not a bad track at all, seven minutes of melancholy and slight menace that crawls along at a measured pace without ever taking off or getting boring. Considering that Reznor's voice, while distinctive, was never precisely a strong point of Nine Inch Nails, we'd call it an improvement.

The outfit has an EP coming this summer, but there's not much other information available. Youc an check out a bunch of enigmatic short videos at its website, or have a listen to the song via the embedded YouTube player below. It seems to be an *ahem* unofficial YouTube uplaod, so if it disppears, you'll have to go hear it at Pitchfork, who has the official exclusive.

[Via Pitchfork]

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