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Before the Album Leaf's Jimmy Lavelle started hobnobbing with Sigur Ros, he played in a few little bands in San Diego: the Locust, GoGoGo Airheart, Black Heart Procession and Tristeza. And although Tristeza -- minus its superstar since 2003 -- has been treading water over the past few years, there's no denying its importance. When the act's debut, Spine and Sensory, came out in 1999, post-rock was all but dead; Lavelle and company infused the style with Slint-level dynamics, the right amount of restraint and a celestial sense of melody that outshone even its closest contemporary, Mogwai. After the release of 2000's shimmering Dream Signals in Full Circles, the quintet took a hiatus and overhauled its lineup. Tristeza is now back on the road and working on a new, as yet untitled full-length due out later this year. And although the outfit's studio acumen and penchant for remixes is notorious, it will be operating in its natural habitat at the Lounge -- on stage, spinning vast and intricate layers of instrumental magnificence.
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