Twitterpated: the scene shares its mind 140 characters at a time

The Twittervese has become one of the most entertaining and insightful places to catch a glimpse inside the lives of some of the most outspoken members of our community -- 140 characters at a time, of course. We never ceased to be entertained by the tweets of various members of our scene and suspect that you will be equally as, um, twitterpated. With that in mind, welcome to Twitterpated, our latest weekly feature in which we collect the most captivating tweets from some of our favorite follows.

Robert Rutherford (Everything Absent or Distorted):
I am officiating a wedding today. I probably should have shaved my back.

Nat Motte (3OH!3):
Waved at some hot babe at LAX, thought she waved back, turns out she was waving at her football player boyfriend watching me wave at her

Dangerous Dan One:
Shouts to the Boy Wonder who just asked 'Do you have Empire State of Mind' ....never heard of it dude

Fracois Baptiste (3 Deep Productions):
The only way your staying warm 2nite in 5 degree weather is if u set yourself on fire.

DJ Chonz (RadioBums, KS-107.5):
Man everyone is a DJ with no turntables . How r u off beat with 2 computers guys . I know u using abelton. Booooooo

DJ FrankE:
I'm DJing at Beta on New Years Eve with Manufactured Superstars. Who's with me? (you don't have to answer)

Big Joe Thunder:
Never Embrace a hater,Even if they apologize.... If they said it they meant it and they will hater again!! Write em off like Taxes!

To all the fellas that's old skool enough to know..... I got ONE question. APOLLONIA or VANITY????

Dan Rutherford (Morning After Records):
Is it ok to admit to liking Hawthorne Heights now that they have no fans (again) #whatwouldahipsterdo ???

Deejay Styles:
I think we all agree, Taylor Swift owes Kanye West a blow job. From the looks of her career, it better be a REALLY good blow job. in public anyway....

Don't throw your clock in the trash, don't waste time, or time will waste u, everyday should pass, as if it would be our last!

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