U2's Denver date postponed, along with the rest of the North American tour

File this one under: Worst. News. Ever. Well, unless you don't count yourself as a fan of U2, that is. We've just learned that one of the most highly anticipated concerts of the summer, due at Invesco field on Saturday, June 12, has been postponed until sometime in 2011. Although Bono's surgery reportedly went well, evidently, he's going to need eight weeks or so to recuperate, which means your dance card is open for that date and you are now free to move about the country. From the sounds of it, his ailment was pretty severe. The iconic frontman had an 8 mm tear in the ligament surrounding his disc, and during surgery, his doctors noticed that fragments of the herniated disc had travled into his spinal cord. Yikes. The good news is that the iconic frontman is expected to make a full recovery.

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