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Unisex bathrooms don't have to be scary

Normally, a lady like myself would run screaming at the mere mention of the words "unisex" and "bathroom" in the same sentence. (Okay, you caught me: I'm no lady.) But this mystery bathroom is clean -- even though those floor tiles are a bit yellow, they're not sticky or gross -- and the gleaming toilet seat is safe to sit on. Plus, the chain hanging from the diaper-change table has never run out of TP on my watch. Nine times out of ten, the thoughtful men in line before me are even nice enough to put the toilet seat down. Thanks, fellas! Can you guess where I'm peeing?

BTW, if you guessed the Thin Man as the loo depicted in our last installment of Guess Where I'm Peeing, you sure do know your water closets!

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