Updated: Danielle Ate the Sandwich on TV today

Update: So you don't have to scour the YouTubes, we've helpfully embedded the video, direct from KDVR into this post. After the jump, enjoy a brief interview with Danielle (she explains that whole "Ate the Sandwich" bit if you're curious and haven't heard the story yet) before she plays her song. Annoyingly, it cuts off before the end, but it looks like maybe that's how it appeared on the show, too.

Dangerously charming singer-songwriter Danielle Ate the Sandwich is taking the next step in her meticulous plan for world domination (she already won us over) today, when she appears on television to play a few songs on Fox 31's Everyday with Libby & Natalie at 4 p.m. I've never caught the show myself -- not much of a television watcher -- but it appears to be a "lifestyle" talk show kind of deal, so this could introduce the fine stylings of DAtS to a whole new world of stay-at-home moms, the newly unemployed and your grandma -- we're sure they'll love her, too. If you're going to be stuck at work, I guess you better set your DVR -- or just wait for the inevitable upload to YouTube.


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