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Urban Aboriginee

Over the past several years, MC Dino and the other members of this eclectic collective have become known for dance-floor innovation and live fireworks. (The act's next event, Kombat, takes place on Friday, November 8; see "Club Scout," page 124, for more details.) Body, the Aboriginees' second disc -- the title flows naturally from that of last year's debut, Mind -- only reinforces this reputation.

"Firefly" heats things up immediately via diva-ready vocals that the enchanting Melinda delivers over skittering slices of drum and bass. This style also powers "MC Dino w/ DJ Fury Live: Fire 2001," a scorching display of on-the-spot mixology, and plenty of other Body parts. But additional influences crop up as well, on tracks such as the ambient-and-dub-inspired "Whispering Words" and "Black Sunday," which recasts a Sabbath classic for a generation that knows Ozzy Osbourne primarily as a comically shambling burnout. This CD definitely deserves a rave.

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