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In this contrarian era, where post-punk has rebirthed disco, it seems that every self-respecting band needs a "Hot Chip" remix. Frankly, it's a bit shocking that Gene Simmons hasn't seen fit to issue a Tiga reworking of "Christine Sixteen." For fans of the DFA sound, where rock and BPMs collide, Plant Music takes obscure acts like Don Cash and other bands such as Rhinocerose -- known primarily for its great iPod commercial moments -- and tosses them into the free-for-all zone. The gathered artists borrow glam guitars or even a fuzz-scuzz Sonic Youth-esque riff and bounce them alongside beats as far apart as Dr. Dre and Gary Numan. Narrowness never afflicts this disc, even though some songs simply don't work -- like DJ Wool's gothier shade of Sneaker Pimps' "Friend Crush." Artfully culled from the edges, Plant Music is a dance-music compilation that's too clever, gritty and dissonant for the pop charts, but still thick with heavy-petting grooves.
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Terry Sawyer