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Emi Night of Strawberry Runners

Video Premiere: "Hatcher Creek," by Strawberry Runners

Denver-based Strawberry Runners are in the midst of a breakout year. They caught the attention of NPR at this year's SXSW, and now they're preparing for an East Coast tour, which kicks off with a show September 10 at Syntax Physic Opera. 

To coincide with the tour, the band is releasing its live video for standout track "Hatcher Creek." You can watch below, and read about the origins of the song here:

“Hatcher Creek is a song about the ways we cope with adversity before we know how to overcome it”, says Emi Night, songwriter and front-woman of Strawberry Runners, in a statement. “I was abused as a child. In this song, I attempt to capture the immense complexities present in familial abuse, in the relationship between abuser and child: the entanglement of power, violence, affection, and hope that allows devastating patterns to persist. In retrospect, however dark and terrifying these events were, they were more valuable to my development than I could have possibly foreseen.”

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