Vinefield Agency launch party keeps it simple

Some of our most loved fliers are hardly decipherable messes of wacky design, so it's nice to see something readable and simple sometimes. Simplicity was once a staple among concert posters because they needed to convey two simple facts: who was playing and where. Thankfully, this artist showcase manages to do just that.

This week's flier puts the wackiness in the background, instead opting for an orange that pops straight off the page and a quick rundown of all the relevant info. It is October, after all, and October means orange. We'd venture a guess that you could just put a numeric date on a flier and as long as it was orange, people would know it's for October. Anyway, that's neither here nor there. The fact that matters here is simple: tons of bands, one night, super cheap -- details this flier won't let you miss.

The background image pops a little too bright for us in this instance, but we can't fault the whole thing for one element alone. Any flier that needs to have sponsors tagged on the bottom is going to feel a little messy, but they did a nice job of keeping our eyes on the text itself. The only real question we have is logistical: How the heck are all those bands going to fit on a bill that starts at 8 p.m.?

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