Club Nights


After a grueling day at the office, it's nice to be able to wind down, get toasted, maybe get a date -- even if that grueling day is a Tuesday. Last week, promoter Ryan Dykstra relaunched a weekly Tuesday Ladies' Night at Vinyl (1082 Broadway). Pinched into the second and top floors (the main floor and basement were closed off), lots of young and not-so-young professionals were shaking a sort of groove thing to the house stylings of DJ Wyatt Earp and the dance-friendly hits of DJ Gary. Since ladies got in with no cover and got to enjoy dollar drinks from 9 p.m. until midnight, it wasn't exactly a chill-out atmosphere: The music was loud, with people clamoring for their bottle service and each other like a really entertaining episode of ElimiDATE. "Obviously, it's human nature for men to want to be where the ladies are," explains Dykstra. And both the males and the females come in hordes, so arrive early -- and leave your baseball cap at home (the dress code may be loose, but caps won't get past the front door). Get the details at

For a less hectic club experience, try Good Fridays at Rock Island (1614 15th Street). Kicking off on the day after Thanksgiving, November 25, this weekly event will emphasize hip-hop and down-home goodness. "It's all about going back to basics," explains Shawn White, aka DJ Style N Fashion. "No bottle service, no VIP, no trendoids -- just good music." Rap artists and live music will pop in on occasion, with DJs filling out the rest of the night. Locals handling the turntables will include DJs Musa, Sounds Supreme and Massiv; national-level acts already confirmed for the coming months include DJs Eleven, Bobbito (aka Cucumberslice) and Mase from De La Soul.

"I don't want to turn it into a hotspot," White says. But with such an impressive lineup, Friday nights are sure to heat up. For more info, check or call 303-572-ROCK. -- Tuyet Nguyen

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Tuyet Nguyen