Watch: Nicki Minaj's "Beez in the Trap" video plays into stereotypes and fails to entertain

We must learn to take

Nicki Minaj

with a grain of salt. Haters have argued that she can't rap; her "Barbz" have argued that she redefined the genre. For barely a week now, Minaj managed to prove the latter: When

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

dropped last week, Minaj no longer had anything to prove; she released a strong collection of songs under a new genre hybrid, dance hip-pop.

However, her hype video for the new album cut, "Beez in the Trap," featuring 2 Chainz, does little to show off her creativity and genre-hopping skills otherwise in abundance on Roman Reloaded. It's one of the least interesting offerings by one of music's most interesting performers. Dare we say it? For the first time in her video career, Nicki Minaj has become boring.

In the video, Minaj plays it all too safe. For a musician now known by her shock factor -- especially her fashion, projects and stage presence -- she lets even herself down in the video. Where the "Stupid Hoe" video is a no-holds-barred blast on Lil Kim and contemporary women in pop, "Beez in the Trap" sees Minaj playing into all of hip-hop's worst female stereotypes: Woman rapping on a pedestal, woman rapping in the club, woman standing next to dude as he raps about her body. For someone who usually surprises, Minaj only disappoints here.

The stranger thing about this video? Its timing. "Beez in the Trap" isn't being touted as a single from the Roman Reloaded campaign, so why give us another video for a hype track? It comes off a bit superfluous when all we're really asking for is the video for "Starships." Minaj, who is said to have completed filming the "Starships" video already, has teased via Twitter that it will be out sometime this week. We'll see. While you can bet that "Starships" will be two steps forward for Minaj, "Beez in The Trap" is one step back. It lacks creativity; even "Stupid Hoe," in all its wacky glory, had that going for it.

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