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Wax Trax Unearths Rare and Out-of-Print Records

On the advice of the following reader comment left on the story about Wax Trax not participating in Record Store Day, we ended up at the iconic 13th Avenue record store yesterday.
I work over at Wax Trax Records and I just wanted to mention one thing that didn't get into this article. We did some spring cleaning and found hundreds of rare out of print records, from progressive rock to post punk and everything in between. We will be selling all these records, along with discounted new records and some previous years Record Store day items on Record Store day April 18th. So, come on down and check out these rare gems.
And indeed, if you walk into the vinyl section of Wax Trax (Wax Trax II) right now, you'll see a section marked "Wreckord Store Day." Those bins are full of old, out of print records the staff found while cleaning out their back room. From the Misfits to punk compilations to some White Stripes recordings we've never seen before, it is definitely worth browsing through the bins. 

In addition, under the "New Releases" section is a shelf marked "Unofficial Record Store Day Releases" which features 45's, LP's, and box sets from past year's record store days that for one reason or another just didn't sell on the hallowed holiday.

"They are items from past years," said employee Sherry Gray. "Things we though we're going to and just didn't. It's always a guessing game.

So if you decided not to brave the lines and crowds in Record Store Days' past, you can now be rewarded for wandering into a record shop on a random Tuesday afternoon. From a career spanning Sleater Kinney box set to a 2012 official Velvet Underground release, there are some gems hiding in plain sight. 

Photos from our browsing adventure is below, and remember, every day is Record Store Day when you have a store like Wax Trax.

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