Weekend's best dance bets: Thievery Corporation, DJ Craze, Manik and more

Ah, yes, the work week is coming to a close. Time to party and dance yourself silly -- some of us here already have a head start. Don't judge. We're simply following the decree passed down by the all knowing metal god Ratt (Dance! Dance! Dance!). Anyhow, where were we? Oh yeah, dancing. Tons of stuff going down this weekend for you to get down: Thievery Corporation is returning to Red Rocks for another night of bad-ass music with Beats Antique; there will also be appearances by DJ Craze, Bad Boy Bill, Manik and many more. Full Dance Card this weekend. Page down to see what's on tap.

Red Rocks is hosting what's bound to be an unforgettable show this evening: Thievery Corporation is back for a second round headlining the amphitheatre, and Beats Antique and Afrolicious Live will be opening things up. For syncopated, mellow beats, this is where you'll need to look. (6 p.m., all ages, $45)

That bad-ass turntablist DJ Craze is back and headlining the main floor at Beta tonight along with Mystical Influence and Sureshot; in the Beatport Lounge, P.U.N.C.H.I.S. is bringing Kire Vc, Paco Effe and Nathan Garcia from El Paso to play nice with Diizel. (9 p.m., 18+, $10)

NORAD continues to bring some of the best talent around to its stages tonight with Oscar P, Danny Marin vs. Smyle and Manmade for a house-heavy party night. (9 p.m., 21+)

Saturday night at NORAD, East meets West when the club brings in talent from both coasts: Manik and Crazy Larry from New York City and Justin Sloe and Jimmy Maheras out of L.A. No need to pick sides; just get down. (9 p.m., 21+)

House mainstay Bad Boy Bill will be slinging his up-tempo sets at Beta on Saturday night with Dragon and Marshall Monica supporting. He hasn't lost any of his flair since the '90s, so pay him a visit! (9 p.m., 18+, $15)

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Wind things down on Sunday with a Sunset Picnic featuring Jerome Baker, Jon Nedza, Mathyou and Ejay with live percussions by Ido Ziv. There will be a grill, kids, dogs and good times at Cherry Creek Reservoir's "Hobie Hill." (2 p.m., all ages, $9 for parking)

And things just keep going at NORAD on Sunday with a Colorado House Community/Afterhours Anonymous collaboration featuring Crazy Larry, Tony Rodelli, Jimmy Maheras and Hoang. (5 p.m., 21+, no cover)

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.