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Weird War

Ian Svenonius has been many things to many people. But mostly, the enigmatic frontman of Weird War has served as a source of emulation. While every outfit he's been involved with over the past fifteen years, from Nation of Ulysses to Cupid Car Club to the Make-Up, has met with modest success, those who rip him off wind up way more popular. But with Weird War, he's quantum-leapt over the screamo and garage-revival styles he helped forge. Assisted by guitarist Alex Minoff, Trans Am drummer Sebastian Thomson and longtime bass cohort Michelle Mae, Svenonius has hit upon the apotheosis of his post-modern punk and rhetoric-riddled aesthetic. Weird War's new disc, Illuminated by the Light, bristles with disjointed riffs that seem to quote the entirety of its leader's past -- indeed, the whole history of rock itself: kraut rock, post-rock, funk, even pop. Less stylistically straitjacketed than its predecessors, this is a band you could imagine Svenonius's surreal, hyper-literate howl inhabiting for a long time. After all, Weird War would be a hard act to follow -- and, thankfully, an even harder one to copy.
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Jason Heller
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