Weird Wednesday: Ke$ha Listening Party at Sketch

As if Wednesdays weren't awkward enough on their own, Sketch and Rockstar Aaron brings us a listening party for Ke$ha's Animal.

Since her music kind of makes us want to shoot ourselves in the face and none of us can really figure out why the hell people are drawn to her in the first place, the party is appealing to us, if for no other reason, than we're dying to see who cares enough about this "degenerate Miley Cyrus" (as The Guardian so aptly described her) to come to a party dedicated to listening to her new album -- like all the way through, we mean. And while the Ke$ha hype continues to confound us, Rockstar Aaron clearly gives two shits what we or anyone else thinks. He's completely unabashed about his affection. "I love her music," he confesses. "It's nothing less than booty shakin' party music. The ones who hate her are just jealous they don't have their own number one single." Uh, guilty as charged?

The listening party, he says, is a no-brainer. "Since it's the number one song in the country," he explains, "it just makes sense to do a listening party with a bunch of giveaways. How can you not love a girl who wears gold glitter?"

Glitter aside, anyone who describes themselves as "garbage-chic" and spells their name with a dollar sign deserves a pity party, not a listening party. Just saying. But what do we know?

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Whitney Van Cleave