Westword Music Showcase 2010 headliners announced

Mark our words: This year's Westword Music Showcase is going to be absolutely SICK! -- SICK, we tell you! Yesterday on KTCL, as you might have heard, we revealed part of the lineup. The best local acts spread out over ten stages across the Golden Triangle? Of course -- that's a given. But we've also added on some killer headliners this year including, Ghostland Observatory, the Dirty Projectors, Neon Indian, Single File and Oh My Stars, with more to come.

Oh and are you ready for the best part? For a limited time, tickets are just $9.33! Really! Hell, you'd expect to pay at least that much just to see Ghostland and its killer light show, right, or to have your circuits completely blown by the Dirty Projectors, wouldn't you? Exactly. So don't sleep. Pick up your tix here on Westword.com this Friday, and then mark Saturday, June 19, on your calendar in red ink!


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