Westword Music Showcase Awards Wrap Up

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The picture above pretty much tells the tale of last night's Westword Music Showcase Awards -- drunk and debaucherous. Everyone (well, we think everyone -- we didn't exactly take a formal poll or anything) had a pretty swell time. Hugs were smiles were plentiful, as was the booze that flowed freely before the ceremony kicked off. There were a few miscues, but all in all everything went off without a hitch. Special thanks to all the folks who graciously presented awards on behalf of Westword (Cory Casciato, Tom Murphy, Mark Bliesener, Dutch Seyfarth, Chris K., Jake Schroeder, Laura McGaughey, Jon Solomon, Quibian Salazar-Moreno, Josh Mullen, Ben Davis, Mike Bartsch, Rev. Jim Norris, Jon Solomon, John Baxter, Chris Callaway, Rhett Lee, Jim McTurnan, David Barber, Dan Rutherford, Alf, Lynne Ryan and Adam Lancaster). See the list of winners as voted on by the readers after the jump. Feel free to offer congratulations or commence to grumbling. Have at it.

2009 Westword Music Showcase Award Winners

01. Rock - Something Underground
02. Indie Rock - Born in the Flood
03. Modern Rock - Epilogues
04. Progressive Rock - Yerkish
05. Pop - Speakeasy Tiger
06. Indie Pop - The Rouge
07. Avant Pop - Ian Cooke
08. Electro/Dance Punk - The Photo Atlas
09. Singer-Songwriter - Rob Drabkin
10. Folk/Acoustic - The Wheel
11. Punk - Lyin' Bitch and the Restraining Orders
12. Post-Punk - Solar Bear
13. Hardcore - Eyes Fall Open
14. Metal - Horse
15. Drone/Stoner Metal - Black Lamb
16. Death/Grind Metal - Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire
17. Hip-Hop Band - UmConscious
18. Hip-Hop Group - The Pirate Signal
19. Hip-Hop MC - FOE
20. Jazz - Ron Miles Group
21. Blues - The Informants
22. Funk - Demon Funkies
23. Ska - P-Nuckle
24. Country - The Hollyfelds
25. Roots/Americana - Paper Bird
26. Jam/Improv - Zebra Junction
27. Ambient/Electronic - Josephine & the Mousepeople
28. DJ Dance - Dragon
29. DJ Hip-Hop - DJ AWhat!
30. DJ Non-Traditional - Hot to Death

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