Westword Music Showcase edition of The Denver Boot

Our periodic feature, The Denver Boot, has been conspicuously dormant for the past, oh, six months or so. Perhaps you've noticed. Excellent reason for that: The master taper guy supplying the recordings, the illustrious Lance Stack from The Flat Response blog, has been a face on a milk carton for, oh, well, the past six months or so.

Stack resurfaced unexpectedly yesterday, in honor of the sold out 16th annual Westword Music Showcase, dusted off his recording gear and pressed record. What a perfect time to resurface, eh? And so what better time to revive The Denver Boot. Download the results of his efforts after the jump (sets by Superchunk, Dirty Projectors, Flashbulb Fires and Snake Rattle Rattle Snake).

Westword Music Showcase • 06.19.10
Main Stage

01. intro
02. Cool
03. Detroit Has a Skyline
04. Digging for Something
05. Seed Toss
06. Hello Hawk
07. Punch Me Harder
08. Art Class (Song for Yayoi Kusama)
09. Like a Fool
10. Iron On
11. Nu Bruises
12. Learned to Surf
13. Driveway to Driveway
14. The First Part
15. Slack Motherfucker
16. Precision Auto

Dirty Projectors

Westword Music Showcase • 06.19.10
Main Stage

01. intro
02. Robert Adams/New Topographics dedication
03. I Will Truck
04. No Intention
05. Knotty Pine
06. Fucked For Life
07. Temecula Sunrise
08. Cannibal Resource
09. Remade Horizon
10. Imagine It
11. Stillness Is The Move
12. Useful Chamber

Flashbulb Fires
Westword Music Showcase • 06.19.10
Curious Theatre

1. intro
2. Rope And River
3. Revenge Song
4. Sleep Money Dawn
5. Ambulance
6. Pyramid Scheme
7. Et Lux Perpetua
8. Blind Leading The Blind
9. Twenty Something

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake
Westword Music Showcase • 06.19.10
Curious Theatre

1. intro
2. Hastily
3. Dirt Cloud >
4. Sin Eater
5. Dead Mens' Words
6. Warning
7. Ornament
8. Break
9. Kafka and the Milk

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