Wet Pizza compilation serves up free music from SAUNA, King Mob and more

At a loss for some rad summer music? Local label Wet Pizza has the perfect solution with

Wet Pizza Volume 4

, a 25-song collection of both national and Denver-based acts. The coolest part? The whole thing is free,

and downloadable right now via the Wet Pizza tumblr.

The eclectic mix is definitely dance-heavy, with tracks like "Little Hands" from L.A. duo Captain Ahab, and "Take My Hand, I'm Changing," from King Mob, bringing some of the best beats. There are some downtempo tracks, too -- Green Carpeted Stairs slows the compilation with "Toomanywolvesnotenoughheroine," and "Dreamscene" from soon-to-be-former Denverites Hideous Men is equally smooth and syrupy.

Hunter Dragon, Modern Witch and Sara Century make appearances, as well, along with some reverb-heavy party anthems from School Knights and SAUNA. All in all, this edition of the Wet Pizza Compilation series is a pretty perfect summer soundtrack, with a little something for every ear.

Check out this creepy/awesome video for the circus-style industrial sounds of Captain Ahab's "Little Fingers":

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