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What About Pluto?

What About Pluto? sounds ridiculously polished for a band one EP into its existence. Part of that is the production, from the Hook Factory. But this is also a sure-handed group, confident in each bass groove, drum kick and vowel wail. For all its technical proficiency, however, What About Pluto? is still looking for its identity. The band's debut is a carbon copy of the saddest and whitest of pop-punk — groups like Dashboard Confessional and Straylight Run. These guys know those outfits aren't cool enough to list as influences, but make no mistake: That's what they were listening to when they fell in love for the first time. Tracing the outline of your idols is a perfectly valid path to originality, eventually. For now, though, don't be surprised if you catch yourself wondering if you've heard this song before.

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Kiernan Maletsky is a former Westword intern.
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