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When was the last time you played a music video? Here's "Inside a Dead Skyscraper," to fill the void

You can chalk this one up as one of the more brilliant ideas of July 2010: "Inside a Dead Skyscraper" is an interactive music video (aka "music video game") from Jesse Stiles' Target Museum album. You read all that correctly -- it's a music video you can play.

The video itself comes from Italian studio Molleindustria -- a game company known for its predilection to make not-games and mini-epic art pieces. The song itself is a hazmat-pop ditty dealing with the destruction of the World Trade Center. Pretty heavy subject matter to be certain, but the song is fun -- or quirky at least, something in-between Stereolab and Postal Service.

The more important aspect is the "what it is" -- which is to say, this is a music video game, and it's one of the first times we've seen something like this. We're big fans of interaction, and we're big fans of music, so when the two get combined in something better than a Guitar Hero-rock star-aggrandizing hub-bub we're pretty excited.

And Molleindustria does a great job with taking the idea of the song and wrapping an experience around it. We're not sure we can call it a game since there is no way to win or lose -- but we're certain we can call it worth your time.

You can play and watch the video here.

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Thorin Klosowski
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