Who will be Colorado's next breakout band?

The founders of Next Big Sound believe the Boulder-based tech company can use online chatter to uncover the next big breakout bands. To test their system, we asked them to track down the most buzzed-about Colorado acts. And here are the results: the top 24 bands listing Colorado on their profile pages that are scoring increasing amounts of online activity. (Keep in mind that this breakdown is based on recent increases in fans, plays and what-have-you, not total amount of online attention, which is why local superstars such as the Flobots and the Fray don't make the cut.)

1. 3OH!3

2. Breathe Carolina

3. Pretty Lights

4. Michael Gungor Band

5. The Autumn Film

6. Tyler Ward


8. Gauntlet Hair

9. Fear Before

10. The Epilogues

11. Tickle Me Pink

12. Savoy

13. Cephalic Carnage

14. Pictureplane

15. The Apples in Stereo

16. The String Cheese Incident

17. SF1

18. Kill Paradise

19. Honor the Fallen

20. VibeSquaD

21. David Henderson

22. Air Dubai

23. The Way Low Down

24. Jeremy Ashida

Any major surprises — or glaring omissions? Let us know at editorial@westword.com.

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