Why did Troy Tulowitzki pick Miley Cyrus for his at-bat song?

I had the fortune of attending the Rockies game on Sunday, and couldn't help but notice something that I found odd: When Troy Tulowitzki, the Rockies' studly shortstop, strolled to the plate in the bottom of the first inning, he did it to the poppy sounds of Miley Cirus's "Party in the USA."

As we've noted before, the Rockies' at-bat songs are near and dear to our hearts. We know so little about these guys that the music they choose for their walk to the plate is a tiny but tasty morsel of intelligence for us baseball fans.

Which is why, when the tough-as-nails Tulo went with Miley, I just assumed he lost a bet with Jason Giambi or something.

Turns out I'm a heartless, cynical prick.

After begging Twitter to "tell us why Troy Tulowitski walks to the plate to Miley Cyrus's 'Party in the USA'," I remembered that there are actually entire departments of people employed to tell us such things. So I emailed Rockies' spokesman Jay Alves, and waited for him to duck the question like a Matt Cain fastball. After all, if my instincts were correct, the song choice was the result of either a bet gone bad or a game of At-Bat Song Roulette played by the Rockies' infield.

Alas, Alves emailed me right back.

"The players select their song and Tulo -- who has been asked by many in the media why he chose the song -- has said he selected it because he knows many kids come out to see him play and that he likes the song," he wrote. "Simple and direct."

And not nearly as fun as what I'd pictured, which had Tulo pulling the song out of a batting practice helmet during spring training and then cringing every time he walks to the plate.

But sweet. Very sweet, Tulo.

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