Whygee capitalizes on CMJ Chart placement

In case you haven't heard by now, Whygee and Sunken State's excellent

Suicide Watch

 EP debuted on the College Music Journal hip-hop chart last week at number 30. The duo released the record 

back in December for free download

, and it looks like it's paying off, especially for Whygee.

"We've had handful of new blogs show love and some Internet buzz," Whygee says. "I got an opening spot for the Game at the Fox in March, and honestly, it's just served as something my manager can use in negotiation with venues and promoters."

Along with the upcoming shows, Whygee is continually working on new music, including a new project he's been working on with Naeem Oba called N.O. Why. The first release from that collaboration, You're Not One of Us, is due in April, while a new mixtape with DJ Sounds Supreme featuring DJ Low Key will drop sometime this summer, followed by a hip-hop/soul project with singer charleyBRAND sometime in the next year -- and yes, it will all be free!

"I've been sayin I was going to give my music away since I met Bionik Brown," Whygee says. "He gave me all of his music for free every time he saw me, and told me that the dope MCs' music should be free. All of my projects this year will all be leaked online first. It's just the smart thing for dope MCs to do at a time like this."

Check out a Whygee and Sunken State track below.

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