Whygee offers up another free project

A New Jersey blogger named Khal recently heard about Colorado MC Whygee and the work he was doing with Sunken State, Kid Hum, and other Colorado hip-hop artists. Over the last month and a half or so, Khal got to know Whygee and found out that the rapper had some unreleased joints sitting around. So Khal took it upon himself to put together a collection of Whygee tracks interspersed with outtakes from The Boondocks animated series. The result was "The Saga of Mr. Bitches." Get the tracklist and free download after the jump.


01. "Code Black (Intro)"
02. "ChumpSin Pink" (prod. by Chris Walsh)
03. "Scott Free" (prod. by Da Free Agents)
04. "Neva Asked For This" (prod. by Mirrorkill)
05. "Mr. Bitches & MySpace (Interlude)"
06. "Bitchpleaze" (prod. by Chris Walsh)
07. "Helldate" (prod. by Mirrorkill)
08. "Dinner With Luna (Interlude)"
09. "She Said" (prod. by Mirrorkill)
10. "Luna Was Crazy! (Interlude)"
11. "Smile and Cries (ft. Jedmon)" (prod. by Jedmon & Ryan Conway)
12. "Another Cold Winter" (prod. by Mirrorkill)
13. "The Very, Very, Very Sad Story Of Luna (Interlude)"
14. "MySpaces" (prod. by The Holy Soulja)
15. "Deez Nutz! (Outro)"

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