Wicked Garden launches Night of Bad Decisions tomorrow night

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When Wicked Garden opened last Halloween on Larimer, some folks were hoping it might be Denver's answer to Hollywood's Viper Room. But it takes a little more than throwing up a few '80s album covers, pictures of Jimi Hendrix and Angus Young and painting quotes from Aerosmith songs on the wall to pull that off. If we had more celebrities and rock stars here, the concept might have worked better.

So the Jet Entertainment folks changed things up a bit, did some light remodeling on the space, added some new furniture by the DJ booth and changed the wall decor. They've also added a new drink menu that includes Trash Can Punch, which is served in -- get this -- mini trash cans. On Friday, March 13, the club is having a grand reopening with L.A.-based DJ Serafin at the decks. Tomorrow night also launches the club's new weekly Night of Bad Decisions, which will run every Friday. And on Tuesdays, the Garden will bring in electro-indie house DJs. 

While Wicked Garden might be shying away from the rock-bar concept, the Rockstar Bar, which I wrote about in this week's Bar Back, is trying to embrace the concept. Well, sort of. I mean, it's a dive bar with a big replica of a guitar hanging outside, and they're hoping to build a huge one on the roof so you can see it from I-25. And there's a silhouette of Elvis airbrushed on the pool table and a few records hanging on the wall. The Rockstar is a cool joint, but chances are you won't see any of the LoDo/Larimer Square set there.

But I could see some of the folks who frequent Rockbar (3015 East Colfax Avenue) digging the Rockstar - although I don't think Rockbar owner Jesse Morreale has anything to worry about as far as Rockstar digging into his business. Rockbar still reigns supreme in this town for the rock-bar model. Pretty much leaving a place the way it was thirty years ago is rock and roll, man. And you're likely to actually see local rock stars there; around DNC time, all sorts of celebrities were stopping by the place. So if anyplace comes close to the Viper Room, it would probably be Rockbar -- but a whole better.

Here's the bit we received about Wicked Garden's new weekly nights, which kick off tomorrow:


1403 Larimer Street | Denver, CO 80202
Reservations 720.234.1155

I, the undersigned, release Wicked Garden from any liability for errors in judgment I may make at the Night of Bad Decisions.

I fully understand and acknowledge the risks and dangers associated with consuming copious amounts of Jim Beam and release Wicked Garden from liability should my consumption lead to foolish and incriminating behavior including, but not limited to:

•    Bruises, broken bones, twisted ankles or any other physical detriment associated with recreating scenes from Flashdance on either or both of the stripper poles.
•    Damage to friendships after charging multiple rounds of drinks to your buddy's card for hot girls that would never to talk to you anyway.
•    Misinterpreting 'coed bathroom' as an invitation to urinate in the sink.
•    Urinating in the very bottle you just emptied because the coed bathrooms are rife with stall-hog hook ups.
•    Mistaking the sultry voiced, narrow hipped, adam's apple the size of a piñata havin', clear stiletto wearing, showstopper in the corner for 'girlfriend' material and then proceeding to 'wax dat ass' while wearing her hot pink boa.
•    Waking up alone and scared in Brighton with nothing but a t shirt on, the stench of day old enchiladas and bong water filling the air.
•    Rocking an LSD soaked bandana to 'channel the sixties' thereby enhancing air guitar renditions of any/all Jimi Hendrix tunes.
•    Becoming a bud light clenching version of Michael Flattly.
•    Smoking a pack of cigarettes though you don't smoke.
•    Tattooing bearing strong likeness to any Disney character, to Chewbacca, or to Christina Aguilera circa 'drrty'.
•    Drinking an entire bottle of Tuaca because the 'hard stuff' usually leads to nights spent clinging to the toilet in your best friend's spare bathroom. As if.
•    loss of consciousness
•    loss of virginity
•    loss of Saturday

I have read the above notice carefully and acknowledge receipt of a copy thereof. In consideration of the benefits received, I hereby assume all risks of damages or injury that I may sustain while participating in or as a result of my activity associated with the night of bad decisions.

Name and Signature         ____________________________
Date                                ____________________________

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.