Wilco start new label, begin work on new album

When we spoke with Wilco guitarist Nels Cline a few weeks ago for a profile that previewed his gig at Dazzle, we mainly talked about the Nels Cline Singers' latest effort, Initiate. But right before concluding our chat, we asked Cline about Wilco working on new material. He told us they were going to start working on it this month, "and then a lot of recording in October and we'll see what we get by then. It might take us awhile."

Well, since the feature was on Cline and his new album, not to mention the fact that there wasn't really a tidy place to insert that bit of info into the piece, we ended up leaving it out -- and the fact that Cline said Wilco had its own label now. "We're not on Nonesuch now," he revealed, "so it's going to be a whole new thing."

Yesterday, Pitchfork reported that Wilco is indeed launching its own label, citing Cline's quotes from a recent interview Cline did with Express Night Out in which he offers a few more details.

Cline and his Wilco co-horts return to the area just in time for the last throws of summer, plaing in Snowmass as part of Jazz Aspen Labor Day Festival on Friday, September 3 with Calexico and DeVotchKa.

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